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Innovative Laser Beam Shapers & Splitters by Midel Photonics

We manufacture laser beam shapers and splitters for your needs. All our products are based on High-Power-Laser-Mirrors with an all-reflective Design made for NextGen Laser Manufacturing – High-Power, High Energy, Shorter Wavelengths, and tailor-made beam shapes.

» All our beam shapers & splitters utilize the power of Diffractive Optics to efficiently redistribute laser light into the new shape «

Just replace an existing beam steering mirror with our products and you are good to go – We include your angle-of-incidence and beam diameter in the design of the product.

Next-Level Laser Applications

Use our beam shapers & splitters to increase precision, reduce defects and speed up you processes.

Tailored to Your Needs

No compromises, no waiting & simple integration! Made for your laser system and quickly delivered.

State-of-the-art Quality

 All our beam shapers & splitters utilize the power of Diffractive Optics to efficiently redistribute laser light into the new shape


Beam Shapers

Control your beam shape at the workpiece in x and y direction. Possible shapes include flat tops (square & round), axicons, donuts, ring-spot-combinations and more.


Beam Splitters

Use a single laser for parallel processing! Various patterns possible (1D/2D).
State-of-the-art efficiency & uniformity.



Shaping along z-Axis

You need to elongate your focal region? We include it in our product!

Example: z-Shaper

Combined Shaping & Splitting

Multiple shaped beams? We combine both in one product!

Example: 1×2 Flat Top Shaper

Compatible with Leading Laser Types and Applications

Our beam shapers & splitters are made for high energy ultra-short-pulse lasers (down to 300 fs) and high power continuous-wave lasers up to multi kilowatt regime. Laser wavelengths support: UV (343/355nm), Blue (450nm), Green (515/532nm). Infrared (1030/1064nm) is currently in prototyping phase. Further wavelengths are available on request.

Fits Industrial Standards

Our products come in sizes of one and two inch (25mm/50mm). Further diameters or geometries are available on request.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Structured Light + High Reflective Blank

= Reflective Beam Shaper

By using laser light, we create a structured surface on a mirror blank with a highly reflective coating. The result is a continuous diffractive optical element (DOE).

We are Midel Photonics

We are a team of four physicists with a passion for technical innovation. Our broad spectrum of interests is coupled with our experience in the fields of project management, hardware & software, technologies, product development, business administration and sales.

Dr. David Dung

Dr. David Dung

Strategy & Business Development
Dr. Christian Wahl

Dr. Christian Wahl

Dr. Christopher Grossert

Dr. Christopher Grossert

Production & IT
Frederik Wolf

Frederik Wolf

Finance & Sales


Case Study & Publication

The Bavarian Laser Center (BLZ) has successfully used beam shaping from Midel Photonics to improve copper welding.

Photonics West 2024 in San Francisco

For the first time, Midel Photonics is successfully exhibiting at Photonics West at the end of January 2024.

Top 10 Industry Trend Startups

StartUs Insights identifies Midel Photonics as one of the top 10 industry trend startups in the field of laser material processing.

Seed Investment

Together with industry experts, including Thomas Merk and Dr. Markus Dilger, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is investing a total of EUR 1 million for further growth.

Founder Region Aachen

 In September 2023, Midel’s co-founder Frederik was invited to pitch at the AC2 Start & Scale event organized by Gründerregion Aachen. The audience recognized the pitch with an impressive rating.

Live Demo at Trade Fair

Back to Munich – After last year’s first visit, Midel Photonics used the Laser World of Photonics 2023 to present the first product generation with a live demo of beam shaping at the trade fair.

Visit from Minister for Economic Affairs

Midel Photonics had the incredible honor of welcoming NRW Minister for Economic Affairs Mona Neubaur to their booth at the NRW-Nano-Conference in May 2023. 

Tech Entrepreneurship at Aachen

Celebrating deep and industrial tech entrepreneurship, ATEC 2023 was a great opportunity to showcase Midel Photonics.

New Location and Funding

 In November 2022, Midel Photonics moves from the laboratories of the University of Bonn to its first own company location and acquires further 180.000 euros in funding (EXIST Transfer-of-research Phase II).

Incubation Programme

Midel Photonics is accepted into the Incubation Program of Germany’s No.1 Tech University. The intensive program from August to November 2022 boosts technology spin-offs with coaching, mentoring and networking.

Nomination Top3

The Rhineland Business Awards will be presented for the first time in September 2022. Midel Photonics is chosen by the jury among the Top3 in the category „Technology“.


Each year, the Falling Walls Foundation honors outstanding breakthroughs in science – Midel Photonics is among the 2022 finalists.

Businessplan Competition

In the final of the Senkrechtstarter Businessplan Wettbewerb 2022, Midel Photoncis wins 4th place.

Startup of the Week

Startupdetector chooses the most promising startup every week: Midel Photonics becomes Startup-of-the-Week KW21/2022.

Best Startup Hannovermesse

As an exhibitor at the world’s leading industrial trade fair, Midel Photonics wins the overall victory in the pitch competition of 24 top-class startups.


In May 2022, Midel Photonics GmbH is officially established.

First trade fair booth

For the first time, Midel Photonics is exhibitor at the important leading laser trade fair „Laser World of Photoncis“ in April 2022.

Interview ESC.NRW

The Excellence Startup Centers NRW support university spin-offs. Midel Photonics is interviewed as a spin-off of the University of Bonn in the brochure of the NRW Ministry of Economics.  

EXIST Transfer of Research

The transfer of our technology to industrial use is being funded by the BMWi from April 2021 to October 2022 as part of a highly endowed EXIST research transfer with around 750,000 euros.


Midel Photonics is accepted into the accelerator program „High-Tech NRW“ and wins third place in the business pitch competition. The 12-week program (September – November 2020) supports high-tech startups with coaching and networking.

Excellence Funding

David Dung and Christian Wahl are awarded an open call grant for 2020 from the Cluster of Excellence ML4Q to further develop the technology. ML4Q is a joined project of the Universities of Aachen, Cologne, Bonn and the FZ Jülich.


Midel Photonics GmbH
Maarstr. 96
53227 Bonn


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Partners and Funding

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RWTH Innovation
High Tech NRW
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