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A Bright, Sustainable Future

Aiming for e-mobility, sharper displays or ever-smarter solutions using semiconductors: our modern information society faces major challenges that can only be mastered through advancing innovation. To make the development of new machining processes with lasers agile and efficient, a quickly available, high-quality and flexible solution is needed. 

Material Processing with Shaped Laser Beams

We develop beam shaping optics for use with high-power and ultrashort pulse lasers in manufacturing industry. Our mission is to provide high quality and fast availability. A beam shape adapted to the manufacturing step increases the efficiency of existing processes and paves the way for new technologies.

Spin-off Uni Bonn

Midel Photonics is a spin-off project at the University of Bonn. Our patent-pending manufacturing process has already proven successful in basic research on quantum technologies. Now we are preparing the technology for industrial use. We believe in a future where every laser gets its appropriate beam shape.

Our Solution

We Develop Beam Shaping Optics

A single mirror is sufficient to shape a laser beam. If the mirror has a certain microstructure, an incoming beam is precisely transformed into the desired profile. The optimal beam shape varies with different manufacturing processes. Examples are cutting metal, where a sharp edge is preferred, or parallel processing of workpieces with split laser beams. Rings, drilling profiles or other geometries can also be realized with our beam-shaping optics.

Our commitment

Highest Quality Made-in-Germany

Manufactured & Ready-to-use in Hours

Compatible with High Power Lasers

Our Manufacturing Process

Structured Light + High Reflective Blank

= Beam Shaping Element

By using laser light, we create a structured surface on a mirror blank with a highly reflective coating. The result is a continuous diffractive optical element (DOE).

We are Midel Photonics

We are a team of four physicists with a passion for technical innovation. Our broad spectrum of interests is coupled with our experience in the fields of project management, hardware & software, technologies, product development, business administration and sales.

Dr. David Dung

Dr. David Dung

Project Lead
Dr. Christian Wahl

Dr. Christian Wahl

Technical Lead
Dr. Christopher Grossert

Dr. Christopher Grossert

Product Design Lead
Frederik Wolf

Frederik Wolf

Financial Lead

Awards & Successes

Excellence Funding

David Dung and Christian Wahl are awarded an open call grant for 2020 from the Cluster of Excellence ML4Q to further develop the technology. ML4Q is a joined project of the Universities of Aachen, Cologne, Bonn and the FZ Jülich.

Business Accelerator

Midel Photonics is accepted for the accelerator program „High-Tech.NRW“ and wins third place in the business pitch competition. The 12-week program (September – November 2020) supports high-tech startups with coaching and network.

EXIST Transfer of Research

The transfer of our technology to industrial use has been funded by the BMWi since April 2021 as part of a highly endowed EXIST Transfer of Research grant.


Institut für Angewandte Physik
Midel Photonics
Wegelerstr. 8 
53115 Bonn


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Partners and Funding

The project Midel Photonics is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of an EXIST Transfer of Research grant.